Labor Day weekend, last minute football win and a JV softball sweep

Aug. 31 to Sept. 6

Labor day weekend underway, Nate Koenig, Blake Rief, Vianney (12), Joshua Stolz, Chase Baker, Jonathan Dorner, Brigham Zaun, Austin Kiefer and Cole Crowder (12) spell “America” across their chest as they cheer in the Catpound during the varsity football game against Timberland, Aug. 31. “I like being the Catpound leader,” Baker, Catpound leader, said. “You experience a tremendous amount of energy as a leader, more than any in years past. It is exciting to have everyone listen to you as you lead the chants and have such a big response from all the kids in the Catpound. Both games have been exciting so far. They have come down to the final plays. This one was special because it was my birthday, so we decided to write ‘America’ on our chests. You aren’t really supposed to do that but I think it was worth it. The pictures turned out good and everyone was excited to see us leading in the front with this written across our chest. We decided to do America to celebrate Labor Day and it is also a big home game. Timberland was tough to beat and we knew people would come out. It gets more people involved with a simple theme.” The Wildcats won after Jhalon Asher-Sanders, running back/defensive back, scored the game winning touchdown and put the score at 20-13.