Merica Monday | Recap

Spirit Week, the week leading up to the Homecoming game and dance, pits grade level against grade level as students compete for the Spirit Cup. Each student can earn points for their grade level by dressing up according to the day’s theme; winning activities during each lunch shift and Thursday’s pep assembly; winning Powderpuff, Thursday, Sept. 27; and for the class wall presented at the pep assembly, Sept. 28. 

Seniors ruled the first day of Spirit Week, America Monday, Sept. 24.

The seniors won both lunch shifts’ games of Musical Chairs. 


Students dressed up in their American gear for the spirit day, ‘Merica Monday. The following are the percentages from each grade-level of those who dressed up:

Freshmen: 76 percent

Sophomores: 80.6 percent

Juniors: 80 percent

Seniors: 80.8 percent


Students are able to win points by dressing for the spirit day or participating in games during lunch. After the first day of Spirit Week, here is the point tally:

Fourth place: freshmen with 0 points

Third place: juniors with 5 points

Second place: sophomores with 15 points

First place: seniors with 35 points