The last look at the 200s

Starting Friday, March 15, the classrooms in the 200s hallway behind the Welcome Center will be demolished

Ceilings tiles have been removed and desks have been taken out. The walls are bare, wearing nothing but the white paint on the cinderblocks. Screws, bolts and dust are scattered along the floor. One corner has a stack of books, another has a pile of papers from an old assignment. The only remnants of the Smartboard that adorned the wall are the markers on the floor. This is Room 295 at EHS. 

Beginning Friday, March 15, the classrooms behind the Welcome Center will be demolished. The old science labs, French and ASL classrooms have already been gutted and emptied, but after Friday, the rooms will be nonexistent. 

With Spring Break starting after school, Thursday, March 14 and demolition starting Friday, the EHS-hub got a behind-the-scenes look at the classrooms before they are razed.