EHS-hub Statement regarding Sept. 4


It has come to our attention that members of the Eureka community are unhappy with how the EHS-hub reported the intruder alert that occurred, Sept. 4. 

The EHS-hub follows the same guidelines and procedures as any major publication. Although we operate within the Eureka High School community we act independently from the school. Our top priority and mission is to seek the truth and report it. We strive for great journalism and ensure that we are publishing quality content consistently.

As a news organization, it is our duty to be the voice of the voiceless and tell these stories. It is not, however, both journalistic nor ethical to sensationalize or exaggerate the stories we tell. 

Everything we report that is truthful and honest unless stated otherwise. 

Quotes are the opinions of those to which they are attributed to. We include these quotes to tell factual accounts of stories. Each quote is evaluated before it is published.

Following the events of Sept. 4, the EHS-hub staff responded how we were trained. We sought both student and faculty stories, along with the facts we had been given to publish a brief of the situation. 

The safety of EHS is most important to us. It follows one of the pillars of journalistic ethics, minimize harm. We chose to publish the story because, as any good news organization would, we had to inform the public body.

Reporting the story was our responsibility. We stand behind our reporting. Our policies and guidelines are available through our website. 

We strongly encourage the community to write a letter to the editor. Letters must be signed, but names will be held upon request. The EHS-hub reserves the right to reject, edit or shorten letters. Letters may be submitted either to journalism adviser, Mr. Brent Pearson in Room 704 or emailed to [email protected]

If you are interested in joining the Eureka Journalism program and report on stories like this, please contact Mr. Pearson in room 704 or at [email protected]