EHS Principal’s Statement following the events of Sept. 4


The following is a transcript of the statement Principal Charlie Crouther made to EHS during the school day, Thursday, Sept. 5.

“Good afternoon EHS students and staff. This is Mr. Crouther, the principal, and I feel that this is a necessary interruption. I would like to say a few words about yesterday’s unintentional intruder event. This evacuation was triggered by a combination of our phone and PA system. Corrections and a full investigation are in progress as I speak to you now. Because this had never been done before and considering it happened during Flex time, the EHS administrative team and I will work to make improvements and corrections immediately. Although it was unfortunate, it has brought to light numerous areas needing modification such as:

  1. Faster communication with teachers, students and parents
  2. Repair and replacement of faulty speakers inside and outside of all EHS buildings
  3. Modification of drill procedures
  4. Re-evaluation of rally points and where to go outside in the event of a fire, fire drill and an active shooter drill or event.

This is a short list with other concerns to be added in the near future. Please remember:

  1. You are safe in this building.
  2. The EHS staff is trained on 4E intruder procedures.
  3. Students should follow teacher and administrative directions at all times.
  4. Listen and be prepared to react appropriately. 
  5. The Central Office is aware of our needs and were here yesterday to support us.

I am sorry that everyone in this building had to experience this event yesterday. I encourage students and staff to speak with the counseling groups that are available today.

Most importantly, I am personally proud of how you — the students and staff – handled the situation. 

We will improve. 

We will make corrections.

We will drill and we will continue to be safe at EHS. 

Thank you. Have a great afternoon.”