Cafeteria takes on food court style


Myles Allred

In an attempt to alleviate the rush of students because of Flex time, the cafeteria opened up multiple lines in a food-court style.

As the 2019-2020 school year started at EHS, students faced many changes, including the implementation of Flex, construction on the campus and a new lunch menu.

“This year we’ve taken on a food court vibe, giving each individual line its own specialty,” Sheila Jaycox, manager of secondary cafeteria services at EHS said. “There is a separate line for each type of food.”

Each line in the cafeteria takes on a different type of cuisine.

There is a separate line for American, Mexican, Asian, and Italian food. There is also a deli line, and a selection of Grab & Go items. Their locations in the cafeteria are shown above.

 Since students are not split into lunch periods on Flex days, there has been an influx of people during certain times. This can cause long lines and a crowded cafeteria. Jaycox says, “By having some of those favorites that we’d only have once or twice a month, now on a daily or rotational setting, it should help to spread the students out some.” 

However, Keyera Davis (11), Drew Nemacheck (9), Julia Duke (11), Jaden Walker (10), and Elijah Roney (12) all seemed to agree that there are still kinks to work out. 

“If I come from the math hallway, it takes probably 15-20 minutes,” Davis said. “Instead of having one line for one thing, they should have multiple lines with some of everything.”

Similar to last year where each line had various options, putting each type of cuisine at every line, but still making all options available every day, may help to get students through quicker.  

Jaycox recognizes that while this system seems to be working better overall, there are still some kinks in the system and issues they need to work through. 

“I am always open to anything from the students, who can give me any ideas of what we could possibly do,” Jaycox said. “We take those into account, and then see what’s possible. The students have a different perspective. I’m looking out, and you guys are looking in. We’re always up for any kind of advancement to make this run smoother.”

Once the details of this setup have been optimized, students will have a wide range of lunch choices and will be able to efficiently and quickly get their food and back to their Flex sessions.

More information on Rockwood’s Child Nutrition Services, including menus and procedures, can be found here

Sheila Jaycox can be reached at [email protected]