Day in the Life: Carter Davis

The starting quarterback for the Eureka Wildcats is a large responsibility, being that the whole city seems to revolve around the Friday night lights. As a sophomore, Carter Davis, quarterback, stepped up to lead the team last season. 

The Eureka vs. Lafayette game is the most hyped-up game of the year. The Battle of 109, the game to see who is the toughest rival, who is the best team.

Stands are packed full of people squeezed together with more people standing around the fence of the track. Under all the pressure and fans screaming, Davis has to take it all in and play his normal game. 

“Thursday night, we go to someone’s house and eat dinner,watch film and talk about the game plan to get our mindset for the game,” Davis said. “Then I make sure I get rest and go to bed pretty early on Thursday.” 

As the day progresses, Davis continues to focus on the game and his assignment as well as academics.  

“The game affects my focus on tests for sure,” Davis said. “Tests on Friday’s are not my thing.” 

Throughout the day, Davis is hydrating and getting his head on the game. He hears people talking about the game, but as a leader of the team, he does not react to it. 

“I keep my head in what the team is thinking,” Davis said. “I do not really let people get in to my thoughts about the game. Before Friday, I already know my assignments and how the game will turn out. I know how the team feels about it. So whatever anyone else says does not get to me.”

After the game is over Davis, has a responsibility as the leader of the team to not get held up on the game whether it is a win or loss.

“It affects me, but we try and let that be the past,” Davis said. “Monday is a new week, new team, new game, so no matter what, win or lose, if we are going to play, we have to play to our best ability. We can’t be dwelling on a win or loss because that will just set us up for failure next week.”  

As for Davis, this is just some of what he goes through each day. Each position takes a different approach to the game, but everyone has the same goal in mind:to beat the team they are going head-to-head with.