New Disney streaming service looks to change the landscape


Society today is surrounded by streaming. Whether it’s on a TV, laptop, or smartphone, the monopoly of streaming services in the U.S. can be used almost anywhere.

The competition between streaming services could potentially grow to be more competitive with the upcoming release of Disney+. Disney’s new streaming service will be released to U.S. customers, Nov. 12. 

This new service will include multiple original Disney titles that create more competition between streaming services. With 159 million people actively using Netflix, it is the largest streaming service in the world. Amazon Prime is the second largest, standing at 96.5 million viewers. 

Here’s a breakdown of different streaming options as the Disney + approaches release: 


Cost per month: Basic – $8.99, Standard (most popular) $12.99, Premium – $15.99

The basic plan of Netflix offers streaming of any title offered, but it lacks high-definition viewing and streaming is only available on one device at a time.

Netflix’s standard plan and premium plans are ultimately similar

Titles offered: Netflix offers a variety of movies and TV shows, includingShameless”, “Breaking Bad”, “The Office”, “Greenhouse Academy”, “Friends”, along with their own original series 

Breakdown: Netflix is the original. They went from a DVD-by-mail service to a $100 billion company in 20 years. The company has thrived for two decades, mostly because of its pricing and also the multiple ways one can access the service. Netflix is offered through any Internet-connected device that offers a Netflix app, including gaming consoles, DVD and Blu-ray players, Smart TVs, and mobile devices.


YouTube TV

Cost per month: $49.99 per month

Titles offered: YouTube TV offers over 70 different channels, no cable box required.

Breakdown: YouTube TV was released nationwide in early 2019 after springboarding their media hosting site which started with videos back in Feb. 14, 2005. YouTube TV can be used just about anywhere and is offered through Smart TVs, streaming media players, game consoles and smartphones/tablets. This service works well with families since it can be used for three different streams on one account. 


Amazon Prime Video 

Cost per month: $12.99 per month

Titles offered: “The Lost City of Z”, “The Wall”, “Landline”, “Downton Abbey”, “Goliath”, “Good Omens”, along with other Amazon-produced series 

Breakdown: Prime Video is offered through Smart TVs, smartphones, tablets and gaming consoles. Prime has many new TV shows and movies and is within the same price range as Netflix. If you are already an Amazon Prime member, subscribers can watch any title offered by Prime Video free of charge. 



Cost per month: Basic – $5.99 per month, Premium – $11.99 per month, Basic + Live TV – $44.99 per month, Premium + Live TV – $50.99 per month

Titles offered: “The Simpsons”, “The Handmaid’s Tale”, “Catch-22”, “Grey’s Anatomy”, “The Matrix”

Breakdown: Hulu can be used through Smart TVs, smartphones and tablets, and gaming consoles. Hulu offers the lowest price, even though it’s for their basic level of streaming, which does include some advertisements. If you don’t mind ads, the basic $6 service is perfect. Hulu’s subscriber count has now exceeded 28 million subscribers. This streaming service is majorly-owned by Disney and was founded 12 years ago.


Disney +

Cost per month: $6.99 per month

Titles offered: All Disney movies, all Star Wars movies, all Marvel movies, all Disney TV shows 

Breakdown: Disney+ drops on Monday, November 12, with almost every single Disney title the company has created, including Marvel and Star Wars movies. Throughout the progression of the new streaming service, Disney+ will add more and more original Disney titles. Disney+ is also planning on releasing new movies and TV shows through their new streaming service, including a sequel to their 1993 horror-comedy “Hocus Pocus.” Additional titles will be released including a live-action Star Wars TV series called “The Mandalorian.” 

Even though these services offer different titles and prices, subscribing to each one is redundant. If an average-consumer is in the market for a streaming service and the customer is not against advertisements, the basic plan Netflix offers is suitable. If you hate commercials and you’re looking for the whole package, including better titles and cheaper pricing, Disney+ is the way to go. With the release date of Disney+ rapidly approaching, it’s safe to say that this upcoming service will change the game. Best of luck streaming.