Fields torn up after flooding destroys grass


Rockwood School District cancelled classes due to major flooding, Aug. 26.

Although all schools in the district had closed, Eureka was the only school that received any real damages, particularly at the baseball and softball fields. 

“The insurance company has deemed it a total loss because there was so much rock and gravel in the grass,” Gregg Cleveland, athletic director, said. “They couldn’t get it all out and it was going to be dangerous, so they decided it was best to just strip the field, take down all the poles and replace everything.”

The city of Eureka has decided to take action to prevent against any more flooding, being that this is the third time in four years that the school has had flooding problems.

“The city of Eureka came through and they were cleaning out the creeks and they somehow got the O.K. to dig out the creeks to help push the water flow away from our school and the fields,” Cleveland said.

With the recent heavy rains, flooding has become a recurring problem in the community and the city is doing their best to help prevent future flooding. The city is changing the way storm-water irrigates in order to push the water away from the school.

Construction on the field is ongoing and the plan is to be finished in December, meaning it will be finished and ready for the upcoming baseball season.