Dads and Daughters Safe Driving PSA


Taylor Werges

Shawn Archambault(top), Father of Kaela Archambault and Steve Timm(bottom), Father of Natalie Timm.

This public service announcement was created to bring awareness to the dangers of driving before the 2020 Eureka High School Prom.

Unfortunately, due to this unprecedented time caused by COVID-19, Prom will not be held on its original date, April 18, 2020.

However, safe driving is always relevant, not just on special occasions such as prom, homecoming and graduation.

Motor vehicle accidents claimed the lives of 38,800 Americans in 2019, according to the National Safety Council. For the Eureka community, this topic hits close to home.

The Eureka High School community suffered the loss of four former and current students, due to motor vehicle accidents, between 2010-2014.

These three separate accidents claimed the lives of Kaela Archambault, Lauren Oliver, Kathleen Oliver and Natalie Timm.

After rounding a curve on Highway FF, a narrow, two-lane highway, Kaela Archambault collided with a bus and lost her life as a result, Nov. 18, 2010.

Three years later, Lauren and Kathleen Oliver passed away in a one-car crash after the vehicle they were in went off-road, Aug. 15, 2013.

One year after that, Natalie Timm flipped her car and lost her life, Sept. 29, 2014. While the cause of Timm’s accident is undetermined, it is assumed that she swerved to avoid hitting a deer, overcorrecting and flipping her car.

Since the deaths of their daughters, fathers Shawn Archambault, Sam Oliver and Steve Timm have made it their mission to keep the memories of their daughters alive by promoting safe driving.

The girls’ fathers have previously presented at Eureka High School under the name “Dads and Daughters” in an effort to reach teenagers and spread their message.

In this video PSA, Shawn Archambault and Steve Timm tell the stories of the accidents that took their daughters’ lives, as well as urging students to practice safe driving habits whenever operating a motor vehicle.

Drive safe and arrive alive.

This video is dedicated to Natalie Timm and Kaela Archambault.