Students reflect on the first day back to school


Myles Allred

Eureka Journalism Archive Photo

On August 24, students returned to school under the Rockwood online learning plan. Students returned to a four-class schedule for the first quarter, which includes Zoom sessions and independent assignments on Canvas. Students had vast and diverse experiences with online school, as schedules and technology varied. 

“My first day was alright,” Joey Khoukaz (12) said. “I think it was worse than I expected, but I still have an open mind. I think once I get used to everything, things should be smooth sailing.” 

Others had more of a difficult time adjusting to the new learning environment.

“My experience was worse than expected,” Abbey Seiler (12) said. “One of my classes’ zoom wasn’t working for me, so I watched Netflix instead.” 

One of the trickiest parts of navigating online learning was the struggles people had with the technology.  

“My computer was laggy and no one could hear me talk because it kept cutting out,” Kenzie Dingley (11) said. “I didn’t know how to fix it.”

Even when faced with the adversity and stress of poor internet connection and other technical issues that impaired their online curriculum, many students managed to stay positive and overcome their challenges. 

“I was in class for about five or so minutes when my WiFi went out and I got disconnected from the class,” Riley Ritter (11) said. “I ended up completely missing my class, but I kept reminding myself that it was only the first day and I wasn’t going to miss much.”  

While there were many issues the first day, students still give credit to all the work that has gone into the online learning plan.

“There’s nothing I would change about online schooling because we are all doing our best during these crazy circumstances.” Megan Mccune (10) said.

Students and staff will continue with the online learning plan, which is due to be reevaluated by the district at the end of the first quarter.  Many students are confident that the online learning plan will suffice until them.

“I think the rest of this quarter will be alright on zoom but it obviously won’t have the same atmosphere as in-person,”  Eugene Renner (11) said. 

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