Rockwood announces high school’s return to in-person learning

The Rockwood School District announced that all high school students will be returning to in-person learning on November 12, in a message to the district on October 15.

After the return of elementary schools on September 30, the Rockwood Rapid Response Team has been planning a phase-in response for older Rockwood students to make the same return.

Freshmen will have orientation on November 11, allowing them a one-day adjustment period to the new school setting. They will then join the rest of the grades on the following day for the first day of school.

As students return, there will be new health guidelines. Social distancing, masks, and other preventative measures will be taken as students return and student health will be monitored. Rockwood’s health measures have been implemented in the elementary schools for returning students and can be found on the district website.

For students who do not wish to return to the five-day in-person learning, Rockwood will still offer virtual learning for those remaining remote.

At this time, Rockwood has not yet released bell times or an in-person learning schedule for returning high school students.

Rockwood has asked that all school-specific questions be referred to the principals, while district-level questions can be sent to district leadership.

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