Heading to the Gym, Spending Summer on the Court

When I was little, summers were spent in my swimsuit catching diving sticks at the pool.  Lately, it feels like I’m spending summer in a basketball uniform, sweating in the gym. 

Even though to most that might sound like a terrible way to spend summer, I have come to love every minute of it.  Not only do I love the rush of competition, but I have learned many important lessons from playing basketball. 

If I wasn’t playing, I would never have learned the importance of teamwork.  It’s not until a game is on the line, does one realize the amount of trust they have in the girls around them.  The ability to rely on others is a lesson no other activity could ever have taught me.  This life lesson will stay with me much past the days I will spend in the gym. 

Basketball has also helped bring my life into perspective.  While it often defines me-what I can do and when-it also makes the times I spend with family and friends that much more meaningful.  With all my friends leaving for vacations and going to camp while I spend weekends playing basketball, I have come to appreciate and value the time I have with them so much more.  

That being said, I love playing the game.  Spending all of June is basketball shoes is something I wouldn’t trade for anything.  I want to give myself every opportunity I can for success, both on and off the court.  Maybe one day, I will have worked hard enough to earn a spot on a college team, and if I don’t, I want to look back and remember that I gave it everything I had in me. 

As summer reaches the halfway point, I know I will continue to miss the days I spent at the pool.  But heading off to the gym will never be something I dread, knowing that the lessons I’ve learned are invaluable.