In their shoes, Girls cross country


The only girls whose shorts are shorter than the boys cross country, the girls cross country, is bound for success.

If you’ve done a school sport, you’ve probably seen the girls running, stretching, or working out.        

The girls this year really seem to be working hard and gaining speed as their dedication and teamwork pay off.

“We lost some girls last year,” Coach Fischer, Varsity Head Coach, said, “But we also gained some really good freshman including Hannah Long.”

With Hannah leading the pack their team is headed for the top with consistent wins in the varsity races for Hannah. 

I for one know just how hard the girls work after their routine team stretching; whether it is kilometer repeats or a long run, the girls are blazing through the fields.

“I think we’re really good this year and hopefully we will go far,” Taylor Schulz, Varsity Runner, said.

“We’re all pretty close friends too,” Schulz said. Much closer than most of the boys cross country, believe me.

For other schools the boys and girls are a single team, even if they don’t run in the same race.

From personal experience I know that the different coaches don’t get along easily, but whether were running together or separate we’re all still running–trying to be the best.

With short shorts and running shoes, cross country can be a very difficult sport, but with the right training and effort even someone like me can do it eventually.