Fried Pie Shop


A new Original Fried Pie Shop on the corner of 5th street and North Central Avenue opened on August 11, and it has been a unique treat for Eureka.

The Original Fried Pie Shop Franchise began in Oklahoma in 1893. There are 13 locations in Oklahoma, Texas and now Missouri, according to

The Fried Pie Shop is a locally owned business headed by Agnes Wong and Michael Wilkes both of whom live in the Eureka-Wildwood Area.

“It’s something fun to bring into the state of Missouri,” Wong said. “Some people don’t even know what a Fried Pie is so it’s something different to try.”

There are more than 25 different kinds of pies available every day as well as different specials. The prices of the pies vary but are all close to $3-$4.

The menu is diverse and different. The types of pies range from typical dessert pies–like apple–to unique meat pies such as pepperoni.

The pies are served hot and ready for an individual and can be either a filling, delectable dessert or a full meal.

Students at our school really like the new restaurant in Eureka.

“I loved it,” Jake Martin (10) said. “I thought it was very unique and delicious.”

To learn more about The Original Fried Pie Shop, like them on Facebook or just stop by and try it out.