Speaker talks about peer pressure


During his annual visit to Eureka High School, Jesus Villaharmosa gave a presentation to the freshmen and senior classes on peer pressure.

Villaharmosa has been with the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department since 1981 and is currently a sergeant. He is also on the Pierce County S.W.A.T. team and is the point man of entry.

His presentation included his personal experiences dealing with people succumbing to peer pressure and the severe consequences that follow.

“His examples of kids he has seen go to jail made me realize how big of a deal peer pressure really is,” Mason Franklin (9) said. “I think it is overlooked most of time and you don’t realize you are really being pressured. It was great eye-opener and I’m sure everyone will think twice now when their friends try to pressure them to do something.”

While Villaharmosa’s speech was informative and taught students a great lesson, he was also very entertaining.

“He had me come down for a demonstration and he kept hitting me to make a point,” Aaron Schnurbusch (12) said. “I thought it was pretty funny and so did everyone else.”

The presentation was entertaining while still evoking emotional responses from students.

Villahermosa shared a story about an instance where group of four teenagers held up a man and his family in a very drawn-out robbery.

“The story was so sad it gave me chills,” Taylor Krickhahn (12) said. “He was a great story teller and the fact that everyone felt for the family shows how much it touched everyone. I think the whole presentation will make everyone more aware of what can happen from peer pressure.”

Overall, Villahermosa’s presentation drew on many different emotions of the students without being cliché.