Golf for Special Needs Program provides great experience for students

The end of October marked the end of a month of golf training for Eureka’s new golf enthusiasts. On the putting greens of Wolf Hollow Golf course, a few lucky students were given the opportunity to have an enriching experience in golf.

These lucky students are the special needs students of Eureka High School, and with the help of some golf team members and their admirable will power they taught themselves a game that is hard to master.

Two members of the boys’ varsity golf team led the charge in the formation of this group. Seniors Shane Harris (12) and Nick Fontana (12) had an idea to provide some very happy students with an opportunity to explore a new sport and to uncover the joys of one of the world’s most popular hobbies.
Harris and Fontana started the Golf for Special Needs program, which took six of Eureka’s special-needs students and brought them to Wolf Hollow Golf Course on Mondays for four weeks.
“We taught them skills like chipping and putting,” Fontana said. “I wanted to do it because golf is a great hobby and I would like to spread it to as many people as possible.”
Of course the main focus was for the kids to have fun but at the same time it was used to teach a lesson in empowerment.

“It allowed the kids to do something that they usually would not be able to do and I think they accomplished something that most of them thought they probably couldn’t,” Harris said.
The students participating had an excellent time as well, laughing and joking with Harris and Fontana.

“I had a really fun time,” Emma Michaelson (11) said. “I didn’t really like golf before but now I think it’s a really fun sport.”

This event provided a learningexperience for the special needs students at EHS.