Eureka Friday Friends bring students together

It’s just lunch. However, a simple lunch period is bringing students together at Eureka.

Eureka’s VICC students now have the opportunity to invite students from the county to share lunch with them on one Friday of each month with the program Eureka Friday Friends.

The whole idea of EFF is for students to build relationships and get to know new people from the school. For each lunch, there are certain questions drawn out ona white board to spark conversation with the students while simultaneously helping the faculty learn, too.

“I like that it’s a way to get to know many different people,” Corene Welch (11) said. “We are introduced to a new variety of people that we wouldn’t normally meet.”

While this new program provides students with the opportunity to meet new friends, they are also encouraged to invite their old friends to this lunch as their guests.

“I brought my best friend that I’ve had since the sixth grade,” Quaminisa Blue (12) said. “She moved away and just came back so I wanted her to come to this lunch with me and meet people.”

Although there has only been one EFF lunch, students have high hopes for what is to come.

“I’m hoping to meet many new friends because so far I know most of the people that have shown up,” Blue said. “I’m also looking forward to just have everyone together and hang out and have a good time.”

Along with optimistic students, teachers share their opinions on the new program Eureka has to offer.

“Eureka Friday Friends is an excellent opportunity to interact with people you don’t normally get the chance to hang out with,” Mrs. Haywood said.

As the potential is recognized for this new group, students continue to make strides towards uniting all different groups at Eureka.