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Asher appointed to head principal position

After a long interview process, a new principal has been appointed at Eureka High School. Ms. Deborah Asher was selected as the new head principal, Feb. 2.

Ms. Asher has assisted as the associate principal for the last five years at Eureka High School. She applied for the head principal position last year in wake of Dr. Jim Wipke’s promotion. However, Dr. Jennifer Sebold, assistant principal at Marquette, was originally chosen for the job, April 28 2011.

With the beginning of the 2011-12 school year approaching, Dr. Sebold resigned from the position in order to allow for career opportunities for her husband, May 25.

“After Dr. Sebold requested to stay at Marquette, I agreed to be interim principal,” Ms. Asher said. “I agreed to a one-year contract with stipulation that if I were to not continue or not be selected as permanent head principal then I would go back to my associate position.”

Ms. Asher has carried out head principal responsibilities for the 2011-12 school year. Applicants were screened at the district level and then interviews took place.

The committee met early in the year to carry out interviews and reached the final decision that Ms. Asher would be Eureka’s new head principal, Feb. 2.

“Dr. Wipke called me and said they’d recommend me to the board which meant I was pretty much approved,” Ms. Asher said. “For me it was a sense of relief because after such a long process it was all over with and we could get settled with permanency to the team.”

As new decisions were continuously being made, it’s understandable that students were unaware of every decision.

“I had no idea that decisions were still being made,” Andrew Stevens (12) said. “I knew Ms. Asher was our principal but I thought it had been that way since Dr. Wipke left last year.”

After all the chaos revolving around filling job positions, it’s a relief to settle on a familiar face for the future.

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