Teachers are here because they care.

Teachers are like the sun. Their instruction nourshishes students’ minds much like the sun sustains the planet. A teacher’s job is so essential to people’s existence that they don’t even think about it, like how people don’t think about the sun noursihing plants, which create the oxygen we breath.

No teacher in this school is here teaching solely because of the money, considering the pay is not very much.

A starting Rockwood teacher’s salary with no experience and a bachelor’s degrees is a little over $39,000, according to the teacher salary schedule posted on the District’s website.

In 2006, CNN Money reported the most common salaried job at QT was store manager making $58,210 with benefits. The most common hourly job was second assistant manager banking $34, 655. In 2006.

“I feel that they care sometimes,” Ashleigh Burden (12) said. “Then again it is a job. I feel like they are supposed to reach out to the kids.”

So students who think that teachers are just here for a job and not because they actually care need to rethink that position the next time they stop off at QT for $.72 32-ounce Dr. Pepper.

The fact that teachers have chosen their career is testimony to the reality that teachers care about students. Six years ago a QT manager was making $20,000 more a year than a new teacher next year will make.

“Most of them care, like the teachers who take extra time to help the students and stay after with them or come in at lunch,” Taylor Bozich (11) said. “They really care. But some teachers just throw up a PowerPoint and get out of here as fast as possible showing that they don’t really care. Most teachers in the school do.”

The perks of the job include stacks and stacks of grading, disrespectful students, 34-minute lunches, XXXX

“They would not be in this enviornment if they didn’t care about the students or else why would they out up with all these teenagers?” Mrs. Audrey Bell, hall moniter, said.

Teachers want their students to succeed and really try to connect with their students rather than just go through the school day with a lack of emotion, despite the fact that the QT manager is probably making more.

“My students make me laugh everyday,” Mr. Mike Pettigrew, Math teacher, said. “I love being here and connecting with my students, and I really love seeing a student succeed in a subject like math that is really challenging because it gives me a feeling of great accomplishment.”

 Teachers are here because they want us to grow much like the sun is here to help the earth grow. They want us to grow and expand our knowledge and be happy knowing they are the ones that tought us.