Shaved support

As students have walked through the hallways this week they have seen many more bald heads than just the occasional balding teacher. About 30 swimmers be exact have shaved their heads to support their teammate Dean Sindel (12).

It all started last week as senior teammates Andy Klein, Nick Seidel and Scott Kelly talked about what they could do for Dean Sindel. Sindel was diagnosed with leukemia near the end of last school year and he is currently fighting it and can’t attend school.

“He’s a very dedicated hard working person, he strives to be the best and doesn’t complain,” Siedel said.

To help support Dean in his fight against leukemia the AquaCats decided to shave their heads last Wednesday, Aug 15.

“The hockey team did it for Jordan Cole last year and we thought it would be a good idea to do it for Dean,” Klien said. Cole also fought with cancer during the last school year. Both Cole and Sindel lost their hair during treatment and seeing their team the same way gives them more hope.

All the swimmers have shaved their heads in order to show support for their teammate. Dean will continue to fight with a new bald headed team behind him.