Wildcat chat: girls share how they want to be asked to homecoming

“I’d like to be asked two weeks before homecoming,” Alaina Collins (10) said. “Then you have time to pick out your dress and make plans.”
“I would want to be asked by a friend,” Nicole Cazzaniga (10) said. “Then it would be less awkward.”

“I would want a romantic interest to ask me,” Grace Winegardner (9) said. “Then it’s kind of fantasy-like and more exciting.”



“I think it’s best if they get you something like flowers or a balloon,” Alaina Weise (10) said. “That way people know you were asked.”



“I would probably want to be asked with something funny that involves my friends,” Christina Quarternick (11) said. “So we can laugh about it later.”



“I would want to be asked in public,” Allie Stevens (11) said. “Nothing too big, but something cute, just not as public like a sport event.”