Cat Chat: Golden Guys and Powder Puff

“I’m not doing Golden Guys because it was too strict last year with the coaches of Golden Guys, but I enjoyed the dancing part and it was overall a good experience,” Tyler Janssen (12) said. “I would recommend that juniors try it and take it seriously, or you’ll get in trouble.”



“I am doing Golden Guys and I expect it to be an awesome, fun time and to strut my stuff,” Jonathon Schilling (12) said.  “I’m excited about performing in front of the school, if it was just me I would be pretty nervous, but since it’s with everybody else I’ll be alright.”




“I am doing Powder Puff, because it’s a fundraiser for the school,” Karli McIntyre (12) said. “I get to do it with my friends and it’s some friendly competition.  I expect the seniors to win and I advise the juniors to watch out!”



“No I’m not, because I run cross country and we’re not allowed to do it,” Angie Sumner (12) said.  “I would do it if I didn’t run and I’ll still go and cheer on the team.”




“I’m just going to wait until my senior year to do Golden Guys,” Ethan Bruening (11) said. “I feel like senior year it will be more fun, and I’m looking forward to it.”




“I’m not doing powder puff because I have to perform in the pep rally with Golden Line, but my coaches didn’t say we couldn’t do it, they just warned us that we could get hurt,” Anna Lee Fuller (11) said. “I would wear the t-shirt if I could do it, but I wouldn’t play because I’m not very good at sports.”