Eureka sweeps Westminster off their feet


Emily Benton

Megan Sutton, JV attack beats her Westminister opponenets to the ball, April, 9.

Girls JV Lacrosse Team won, 10-5, against Westminster, April 8.

The Girls Varsity Lacrosse Team won, 17-7, before the JV game pushing the JV girls to get another win.

Starting off the game strong Rachel Brewer, defense, took the ball and shot but missed, rebounding it to Larissa Lindley, who scored. EHS took the lead, 1-0.

Maddi Schaefer and Katherine Coulter, midfield, did their jobs by guarding their goal and keeping their opponents on the other half of the field while the EHS offense scored another point.

EHS dominated with the half-time score of 6-2.

Though throughout the second half EHS could only keep the ball on the other side of the field 50 percent of the time, the team worked together to keep the score, 10-5.

“I didn’t expect Eureka to win because the other team looked very big,” Luke Dailey (11) said.

The size of the player doesn’t always outweigh the size of the heart for the game.

“I had a lot of fun watching my friends play lacrosse and thought they played a great game,” Dailey said. “Eureka played very well, but I thought they could have passed more.”

The player’s reflection on the game reflected Dailey’s observations.

“It got frustrating when other teammates were open and people were being ball hogs,” Megan Hammel, midfield, said. “They wouldn’t pass to anyone else.”

While improvement may have been needed in some areas, the girls continue to work on their game and wrack up more wins; currently their boast an 9-3 record.

“Progressing best describes this team because they get better every game and are making sure their progress is going to peek for the tournament at the end of the season,” Coach Lea Lamatina said.

As the girls’ progressively got better one component emerges as key for an even better season.

“As a team we need to work on communication and having the other players trust in their captions; me, Alicia Kilpatrick and Erica Bushold” Brewer said.

Their heart for the game is obvious.

“My favorite part about lacrosse is probably being with the team and just team bonding and getting to know the other girls,” Brewer said.

Every day is a new day as the girls continue to progress.