Movie Marathon and Chinese food


Mackenna Finnegan (11)

Often times you’ll hear someone say they watch A certain Christmas movie with their family every year, but Mackenna Finnegan (11) watches more than one or two. Her and her family watch MANY so much so they consider it a Christmas movie marathon.

Since 2006, when her family first moved to Eureka, each Christmas Eve her family (her parents, grandma, and older brother) watches The Polar Express and go to China Wok in Eureka to eat Chinese food for dinner.

Then on Christmas day they watch The Christmas Story and Christmas vacation together while eating popcorn and small snacks. And sometime in between watching The Polar Express and those two movies they watch classics like Charlie Brown’s Christmas, Rudolph, Frosty, and Santa Clause is coming to town.

“I get really excited to watch all the movies and go to China Wok,” Finnegan said. “We do it every year and it’s always fun.”