Searching for a Pickle


Katie Westermeyer (11)

For the past 10 years Katie Westermyer (11) an her older sister, Jamie Westermyer (12), have had a competition to find a pickle ornament on their Christmas tree.

Their family puts up their tree and decorates it usually the second week of December. One day when their mother is decorating the tree with the tons of ornaments they have, she places a pickle ornament on the tree, usually in the back. After doing so she’ll call in Katie and Jamie to search for it.

Jamie is really good at finding the pickle and it usually takes about 30 seconds for her to find it according to Katie. Although Jamie is really good Katie said she won last year.

“I always look forward to searching for the pickle because I’m always more excited about it than Jamie,” Katie says. “I always say ‘This year I will find it!’”

Their tradition started after their mother called them in and told them to find the pickle ornament on the tree. Finding the ornament then turned into a competition between the two sisters.

Note: Searching for and finding a pickle ornament on a Christmas tree in an organized fashion isn’t just a Westermyer family tradition, but is something some other families do too. It is thought to have originated in Germany although has since transferred to be a tradition in some American families.