The path to Eurekana Yearbook

    Which publication is right for you?
    Design & Desktop Publishing (PB0096S/B)

    (One semester; career and technical education credit)

    This course focuses on photojournalism and layout and design of publications using desktop publishing software. It is the prerequisite to Yearbook Production.

    Yearbook Production (PB004S/B and PB005S/B)

    (One year; career and technical education credit)

    Students use skills developed in Design and Desktop Publishing to produce the school yearbook, “The Eurekana,” a 288-page, full-color publication.

    Gain access to the sidelines of the big games. Publish your work for an audience of 1,300+.

    All students:
    • work on overall concept of the book.
    • take photographs.
    • caption photographs.
    • write copy for publication.
    • design pages using desktop publishing software.

    Students may also:
    • develop the yearbook’s theme.
    • apply for an editor position and manage their peers.

    Members of staff are an integral part of the legacy that is this nationally-recognized, award-winning publication. Join and leave your mark on EHS.