Meet the crew

    The props crew, Cheyenne Parker (10), Shreya Bandyopadhyay(9), Amanda Rawls( 9), organize the props for the actors and actresses before practice starts, Oct. 29.

    Behind any and all objects that the actors interact with was careful consideration by a Props Crew member.

    The butter churn used, the picnic baskets carried and the chairs sat in are all items put into action first by the Props Crew for the “Oklahoma!” production.

    Their job begins by researching the era then determining and listing items needed to enhance the show.

    Research is vital to the accuracy of the production. For example, the rug beater; to figure out which variation of a rug beater to buy in order to match the intended time period of the set, as well as its relativity to the geographical region of the set.

    Ms. Allmendinger first has to approve the complete props list before they can get to work buying or handcrafting them.

    After the list is approved, the Props Crew will begin to pull props they already have and what is left to get will either be donated, purchased or handmade.

    When purchasing items, the props crews will either take field trips to local antique shops or simply order them online. Ms. Allmendinger always has final say whenever it comes to what is bought, if she doesn’t approve then it will be returned.

    The Props Crew is not set to a specific budget upfront (primarily because it is rare when a prop has to be bought).

    In the end, most props seen on stage the crew made by hand.

    They are in charge of organizing the items that the actors will pick up and bring on to stage as well as the items that are placed in the set. Each item must be accounted for after ever show and placed neatly on the table backstage. Organization is key during show nights, if one thing is out of place the entire system may falter.

    An unofficial job of the Props Crew is helping out the actors before they go on stage. The majority of the time the crew members are the last ones to see the props.

    Props Crew is not something to be taken lightly. The job is demanding and time consuming; everything had to be planned and well thought out.

    Members: Cheyenne Parker (10) led the “Oklahoma!” Props Crew. Her job was to bring a creative vision to the props, lead the other members in their duties and place the picture of the lemon, a symbol of all things props, which has been in all etc… productions since the late 90’s. Her assistant leader was Hanna Moellenhoff (10). The props technicians also included: Shreya Bandyopadhyay (9), Rachel Cundy (10), Amanda Rawls ( 9), and Irah Waheed (9).

    The etc… members are like athletes in that their interests for theater stem from before their time at EHS, and their passion runs deep.

    “Ever since elementary school when I participated in the school show ‘Cinderella,’ I was just hooked on theater,” Parker said. “Then I did etc… my freshman year, and I fell in love with it because it’s such a family atmosphere and the attention to detail we spend in it.”