Hockey heartbreak


Nick Walsh, Sports writer

The Eureka Wildcats hockey team took on the Fox Warriors lastnight in the second round of the Wickenheiser Cup play off series.

The night got off to a slow start with minimal shots on goal from the Wildcats.

The Fox Warriors drew first blood, scoring with 8:02 left in the first period.

Four minutes later the Wildcats were on the power play as a result of a tripping penalty on Fox, giving them a five on four advantage.

“We should have came out better,” Jacob Gabel, defense man, said. “We had we had chances to get power play goals but didn’t.”

The Wildcats however could not capitalize.

With time still remaining in Fox’s first two-minute tripping penalty they then had another penalty, thus giving the Wildcats a five on three power play.

Fox’s penalty kill was successful once again and the Wildcats were unable to score.

As time wound down in the first period, Fox held their 1-0 lead, well into the second period.

“Wed needed to hit more, Joe Sisco, defense man, said.”We really should have came out swinging and not have let them score as much.”

The Wildcats were presented with many opportunities and even a few two on one breakaways but just couldn’t get the puck in the net.

With the Wildcats unable to answer Fox rallied and the puck found it’s way to the back of the net, now they were up 2-0.

The wildcats remained scoreless the entire second period and in the third, Fox imposed their will.

Minutes into the third period Fox scored again, furthering their lead to 3-0.

The Wildcats however were not going down without a fight.

With close to 11-minutes remaining in the third things began to get rough out on the ice as Charlie Corbett, forward, battled stick less in front of the net.

“I was starting to get mad,” Corbett, said. “So you know I had to throw some people around, it’s just what I do.”

As the play was blown dead a skirmish broke out in front of the Eureka net resulting in an altercation between teams and Corbett was the center of it all.

As the situation escalated a punch was thrown from a Fox player, landing on the face-mask of a Wildcat.

In result the Fox player was thrown out and Corbett was sent to the penalty box for a five-minute major.

As the third period came to a close Zach Stolz, forward, and Sisco got into another skirmish with Fox players but nothing serious resulted from it.

With roughly three-minutes remaining in the third period the Fox Warriors charged the Wildcat zone again, dancing around Sean Markovitz as he tripped and fell to the ice, scoring once more.

The Warriors maintained a hefty lead of 4-0 over the Wildcats.

With the final 15 seconds ticking away the Warriors glided across center ice and through the Wildcat zone.

Once again a from the stick of a Warrior found the back of the net, sealing a 5-0 shutout victory for the Warriors.

“We played alright,” Corbett, said.”But their team had a bit more experience so you know that gave them a bit of an advantage.”

It was a heartbreaking loss for the team and terrible way to end the season.

For the seniors in particular it was tough, as the loss not only ended their last season of high school hockey but for some their last season ever out on the ice.

“It’s hard going down like that senior year,” Sisco, said. “Knowing it was the last game I’ll ever play since I’m not playing in college.”