EHS-hub Staff Contract

To the students and staff of EHS Publications:

Being on a publications staff is no different than being a member of any other curricular, co-curricular activity or sport. Not only is it fun, but you will acquire a lot of experience that will benefit you no matter what you choose to do in the future.
But students on the staffs must understand the great responsibility that comes with publishing the school news site and yearbook.

Participation on a student publication gives students more freedom than most other classes. It also requires students to take responsibility and exhibit a higher degree of maturity and good judgment. Those named as members of the publications staffs can be expected to be held to accepted journalistic standards and ethical practices.

This document explains the responsibility and commitment needed to be a staff member. Staff members and their parents must understand and agree to the following expectations:

Dear parent/guardian AND staff member, please initial each section:
___  ___I am comfortable in working in an organization where other students may be supervising me and commenting on my work. I also understand I must work independently much of the time and manage my time appropriately.
• Teamwork is vital to the success of the publication. Students will be in positions of leadership, and staff members will often work in groups to complete deadlines. Sometimes that requires leading sometimes following.
• Staffers must be willing to step beyond defined duties for a common goal.
• When staff members have completed their assignments, they are expected to help others when possible.
• Students doing non-publication activities in class without permission from the adviser may face a grade reduction and other disciplinary measures.

___  ___I will not take advantage of the freedom given staff members to leave class to cover assignments and do other work for the paper or yearbook. I will not use journalistic duties as an excuse for playing around outside of class or disturbing other classes. I understand that I may need to leave campus on staff-related assignments, and I pledge to behave responsibly and follow all school policies, knowing that I am representing Eureka High School and EHS Publications.
• On occasion, staff members are required (or may volunteer) to cover events or complete tasks fulfilling staff responsibilities after school hours or off school grounds.
• It is the responsibility of the staff member and her/his parents/guardians to provide transportation.
• Each staff member needs to have a permission slip on file in order to leave campus during the school day. Parents will be notified in the event such measures are necessary.
• When off campus representing the publications staff, all school policies are to be followed.
• On occasion, staff members may be in the publications room while the adviser is not in the room. Staff members will behave appropriately and responsibly during the adviser’s momentary absence.

___  ___I understand the importance of safeguarding the publication’s reputation, content and materials used to produce the yearbook and news site.
• Photos, copy, stories and designs are the property of the publications. Staff members may not distribute materials without the approval of editor and adviser.
• Photos, copy, stories and designs should not be shown to students or faculty outside of the staff unless their help is needed for identification, etc.
• Staff members are responsible for the appearance and organization of the publications room.
• Theme and content decisions should also be kept in the classroom and between the staff only.

___  ___I will make the news site/yearbook one of my highest priorities for the 2015-2016 school year. I am willing to work after school and occasionally on weekends if that is what it takes to meet deadlines.
• Production of a quality publication takes many hours outside of class.
• The publications classroom is open daily from at least 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.
• Regular work nights will be scheduled each month around deadlines. All work days are posted 2-3 months in advance on the Google class calendar. Editors especially should plan to take off work on those nights/weekends.
• If a student needs additional work time, he or she is responsible for making arrangements with the adviser.
• A student will not be kept from performing in another school activity (sports, student council, theater, etc.) except in rare circumstances, such as failure to complete an assignment or missing a deadline.

___  ___I understand the importance of my being at school every day. When I will be out of school, I will notify the editor or adviser of my absence.
• Doctor and/or dentist appointments should not be made to conflict with class or deadlines.
• In the event of an absence, it is the student’s responsibility to be sure all assignments are completed or covered by another staffer.
• Staff members should call or email their editor and Mrs. Strecker in the event of an absence, especially one that extends beyond one day or falls during a production cycle.
• Staff members are responsible for delivering all equipment to school by the start of the school day even if they are absent that day.

___  ___I understand that failure to fulfill my duties and obligations as outlined here and in my job description may result in a failing grade and/or removal from staff.
• Meeting deadline is vital. Failure of one staff member to meet one deadline can keep other staff members from completing their deadline.
• The first deadline missed will result in an inability to earn a highly functional or independently operational on the assignment and a meeting with the editor-in-chief.
• The second deadline missed will result in a meeting with the adviser and a parent phone call.
• The third deadline missed will result in the staff member having to sign a contract stating exactly what he or she must do in order to stay in class. Failure to meet the terms stated in the contract will result in removal from staff at semester with a failing grade.
• If an editor misses a deadline, he or she may lose his/her position.
• Meeting a deadline includes turning in quality work by the due date. This includes layouts, polls, ad materials/money, copy, photos, captions, video story packages and designs.
• Staff members have ample time to complete assignments. If a student is given an assignment at the last minute, deadline allowances are made.

___  ___I understand that I will be asked to help with the financial commitment of the publication, including selling ads, promoting sales and fund raising. I also understand that I will be working with specialized equipment and supplies and will be held responsible for any damage and/or waste due to negligence.
• An important part of the publications staff is the financial responsibility of publishing.
• The student agrees to be financially responsible for any money, merchandise or equipment in his or her possession. This includes money from sales, advertising and fund raising.
• Students are responsible for computer equipment, cameras and other equipment and held accountable if lost, stolen (without reasonable care on the staffer’s part) or misused in any way. Equipment should never be left in cars since extreme heat and cold can damage it.

___  ___I understand that staff members will be using social media to cover EHS events. Part of the programs mission is to teach students to use social media responsibly and powerfully.
• Staff members will be required to create a Twitter handle [first initial+last name]EHS_hub to contribute to our coverage and build their portfolios.

___  ___I understand that staff members Your student and his/her classmates are exploring important themes and techniques in some great multimedia content (film, TV, news, etc.). The students greatly benefit from watching this media with each other and me. Together, we explore historical context and implications. Some of this media may contain violence and offensive language, as the content reflects the issues facing our society. For example:
•  The movie “The paper” and the show “The Newsroom.”  While the language may be strong, these examples do the best job reflecting the ethical dilemmas and pressurized workplace the field of journalism entails on a daily basis.

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If you have any questions, please call Elisha Strecker 636.733.3100 ext. 43045.