Rule of three

Everyone in 704 has a job. These jobs follow mostly weekly/monthly cycles that repeat themselves throughout the year. Instead of creating some convoluted system to track accountability and distribute assignments evenly, we work to simplify things.

Each staffer has THREE things they are responsible for each month. It’s what will drive their daily work. It’s what will keep the Hub producing. It’s what grades will be based on.

You are always free to do more than three items, but the minimum that people must do to prove they are highly functional in the class is three.

Threes are chosen every sports season. You can keep the three you have if you are independently operational or highly functional or you will be able to make adjustments if you would like to change.

Your choices are below. Please note that if you choose an option and are selected for it, you are committing to learn how to do it if you are unfamiliar with it.

HERE ARE THE OPTIONS. CHOOSE THREE. Fill out the form on Classroom.

  • ADS: Coordinate with Sarah Wingbermuehle, Hub ads manager, to sell ads.
  • ANNOUNCEMENTS: Review the daily announcements, EHS’ website and the district website for story ideas and to help Blake Smith, online community editor, keep the Hub calendar up to date.
  • BLOG: Establish and maintain the hub’s blog, posting at least weekly.
  • BOE beat: Attend each Board of Education meeting. Write up a Know/Inform/Care-type of story for each meeting.
  • FEATURE STORY: Featured athletes, sports features, personality profiles, etc.
  • INNOVATE: Try something new. Ideas will be weighted according to type and frequency: i.e., Periscoping the marching band performance during a football game.
  • MULTIMEDIA: Pitch your multimedia idea. Ideas will be weighted according to type and frequency. For instance, developed video story or soundslide=2 per month or man-on-the-street type story=1 every week.
  • NEWS STORY: Ideas will be weighted according to type and frequency. Write an in-depth news story along with accompanying photographs=1 per month or shorter news brief type story along with photograph=1 every week.
  • OTHER SITES: Routinely read other award-winning sites and PQP the hub’s status using the Google doc.
  • PHOTOS: Document daily life at EHS each week in engaging photos. Create a gallery for the week. Cropping the photos and re-sizing for both the Hub and wall. Cover an extra-curricular or student life event to shoot outside of school hours each week.
  • PUBLICITY: Conduct a campaign to publicize one or all of the staffs. This must be something with measurable goals. #EHShub
  • SOCIAL MEDIA: Run one of publication’s social media accounts.
  • SPORTS SCORES: Coordinate with Blake Smith, Sports Center manager, to update sport scores. Update scores daily for at least three teams.
  • SPORTS STORY: Ideas will be weighted according to type and frequency. For example, write an in-depth sports story along with accompanying photographs=1 per month, shorter news brief type story along with photograph=1 per week, live tweet from a sporting event=2 per week.
  • SURVEYS: Conduct surveys for the staffs, making sure we have at least 500 respondents for each. At least one survey every three weeks.
  • WEBSITE: Explore the site’s features and determine how to best use them: i.e., story templates, widgets, theme options, etc. Check out the site’s Google analytics and determine goals and plans to reach those goals based on that data. Update the [email protected] calendar for the site.
  • PITCH AN IDEA: Have a good idea you’d like to propose? Pitch it to the editors on the online form.