Staff editorial: Moving forward

Time to focus on learning



Police officers lend their presence to help people feel safer at school, Feb. 11 and 12.

As students of EHS, we are so proud to say that yesterday’s situation of a violent threat at school was taken seriously, not only by the administration, but by the students themselves.

It’s amazing being a part of a community that cares for the lives and safety of each other so deeply.

When students started to suspect violence, they immediately took the situation to the administration, giving the administration time to deal with and stop the plans before they took place.

Police stationed themselves throughout campus, and everyone kept their eyes open to suspicious actions.

There were tense moments, but school went on as usual, and no one was harmed. Now it is time to move forward in the belief that the community is as safe as possible.

Group chatting, social media and even speculating in person perpetuate the situation, hindering the ability to move forward as normal. As a staff, we urge everyone to halt the conversations that result in more rumors than solutions.

Unfortunately, threats happen. With around 1,860 students and 228 staff members, problems are inevitable.

The possibility of violence is unavoidable every hour of every day. This event just happened to be publicized more than others. And many of us did the publicizing.

Bad situations are bound to come around, and while it is amazing and necessary to address suspicious actions and threats, there has to be a point that the community decides to move forward instead of letting the people who have threatened violence to take over their class work, their thoughts and everyday life in general.

We, as a community, have to choose to not to live in fear. So instead of fearing the “what ifs,” we need to live the “what is.”