The EHS-hub is an independent student news cite where students make decisions and do the work. Therefore, staff members will be given freedom to think and act. Because most news work will take place far beyond the demanding eye of the adviser or editors, the quality of the Hub is dependent on staff members demanding the best from themselves. The actions and attitudes of staff members often determine if the Hub is taken seriously. And, the action of one staff member can determine the image of the entire staff. Because of the reality of student behavior and the fact that many staff members may have had little opportunity to discipline themselves, the goals of responsibility need to be defined.

General Staff Procedures
1. You are part of a team. Strive to get along and work together.
2. Be honest. Do not cover mistakes with half-truths and lies. Do not ever create quotes, sources, etc. Do not cover up a mistake with untruths. Doing so is grounds for dismissal.
3. Schedule news work so that you will be able to complete your assignments by deadline. Repeated failure to meet deadlines can lead to removal from staff or no longer receiving assignments.
4. Keep everything in your staff folder on Google. Write things down. Know the staff handbook and stylebook, as well.
5. Arrange interviews and photographs in a professional manner and in advance. Contact teachers in person or e-mail. Never call a teacher at home without his/her permission in advance.
6. No one should leave campus under false pretense of doing news work.
7. Bring any conflict with a staff member to the attention of the adviser or an editor.
8. Decisions on controversial issues will be made by the editorial board.
9. Content will be determined by editors at planning meetings and at staff meetings.
10. Staff members should not cover areas of the school in which they participate.
11. If a story requires substantial re-writing or additional reporting by an editor, the reporter’s byline will be removed.
12. Check the online calendar and your mailbox every day.

Use of Facilities
Room 704
1. Do not eat or drink at the computer.
2. Do not use any equipment­—including the phone—for personal use without permission.
3. No photos, art or copy should be removed from the Hub area.
4. Misuse of equipment may lead to grade reduction.
5. If you don’t know how to use it, don’t touch it. Ask for help.
6. Keep the room neat at all times. Rearrange furniture that has been moved, throw away all trash and clean up your work area. These are part of your basic responsibilities.
7. Protect Hub copy. Keep friends out of the classroom. It is not a lounge.
8. Be sensitive to the fact that a class may be underway while you are working on the Hub.
9. All cameras and laptops MUST be signed out with Emily or Mrs. Strecker and returned before the start of school the next morning unless other arrangements have been made. You are responsible for this equipment if it is in your possession.
10. Properly file all photos.
11. Photos/Digital images are the property of the EHS Student Publications and should not be removed from room 704 for any reason without the permission of the adviser.
12. Save all files to the appropriate location on Google drive. Save all personal files etc. under your personal folders. Any documents saved anywhere on the computer itself will be deleted with the next reboot.
13. The Rockwood School District’s Acceptable Use Policy concerning use of the internet must be adhered to at all times!

Classroom Procedures
Because the time that we have in class is valuable, it is important to have an understanding of how that time will be used each day. The following is a basic outline of how your time should/should not be used each day during Hub classtime.

1. Report to class on time and be in your assigned seat for attendance.
2. Attend and participate in all meetings which require your presence (i.e. Editorial Board meetings, staff meetings, editors meetings, critique sessions, brainstorming sessions, progress meetings)
3. Use class time to do news work. If all of your assignments have been completed, work on homework. Class time may not be used for game playing, etc. Students who have “nothing” to work on will receive a task from the job jar.
4. Schedule interviews during news class.
5. If you need to leave the room for any reason, wear your press pass and sign out with permission from the editors and adviser.

Out-of-School Procedures
Especially for editors, some after school and/or weekend time will be needed. The following provide basic guidelines and information about work done outside of class time.

1. Students with additional release time may work in 704 during other hours. If you have resource time, the adviser will write a pass for you. We strongly discourage students missing other classes for news work. All interviews, etc. should be scheduled before or after school or during News Production class. However, if a special circumstance arises, see the adviser.
2. Students will also be able to work in 704 before or after school most days. The adviser arrives at school by 7:30 a.m. each morning and stays until 3:30 p.m. each day. Still, it is wise to double check to make sure the adviser will be at school when you need to come in before or after school. Additional time in the evenings or on weekends will be scheduled each month.
3. Students who need to cover special school events for the Hub may use their press pass to avoid admission charges. Any student who takes advantage of this policy will have the press pass revoked.
4. If students must travel a distance for an assignment, gas money may be provided if requested in advance.
5. All EHS policies are in effect if a student is off-campus on newspaper business.
6. No student will be allowed to leave campus unless a permission slip is on file.

Academic Performance/Discipline
1. Students on the Hub are expected to do whatever is necessary to produce the site. Failure to make an adequate contribution each week will result in a poor grade. Purposely sloppy work or a lack of work will result in a failing grade for the issue.
2. Students will be expected to assist in any way the adviser deems necessary for the smooth operation of the site.
3. Stay out of trouble. If you do get in trouble, it is better for the adviser to hear it from you than a principal.
4. On-staff disciplinary procedures may include:

• forfeiture of off-campus privileges
• forfeiture of field trip privileges
• probationary period
• removal of all staff privileges/press pass
• reassigned duties
• referrals/detentions
• removal from staff