Wellness Day Sessions

Art and WellnessKari Smith (110)
Joan Oakley (111)
Karen Hargadine (112)
Megan Meier (113)
Chess--BeginnersHarlan Hodge (718)
Tony Chen (727A)
Chess--IntermediateBrian Jerauld (727B)
Creating Coping Skills Toolbox-- creating stress balls, etc. Amanda McCauley (Gym A Atrium)
CrossfitMike Petruso (Gym B)
Dating and Consent James Meinert (812)
Healthy Eating/CookingLeah Baum (105)
Lori Stillman (106)
Isabel Betancourt (299)
Mary Grace Halare (302)
HipHop PresentationMK Stallings/Urban Arts (Commons)
L.O.V.E. Project: Mirror WorkShante Duncan (401)
Line DancingBill Sevier (Aerobics)
Meditation/MindfullnessBeth Weeks (Small Theater)
Mindfulness for Stress Management Beth Perkins (Library)
Music of Your LifeChris McPherson (Band)
Navy Dive WorkoutNate Korteum (Pool)
Spoken Word Poetry/Slam Poetry MK Stallings/Urban Arts (Choir)
Sports and Healthy Choices Ethan Fisher (Large Theater)
Technology and Relationships Dan Pearson (PD Classroom)
Yoga/Mindfulness Toni Staicu (Gym A)
Angela Jurgenson (Weight Room)