OP: Gen-Z won’t save the world


Gen-Z has been hailed as the future saviors of our world. We’re supposedly different from other generations: smarter, kinder, and more resistant than ever before, and we’re going to save the world.

This pseudo-inspirational phrase is uttered by older generations who follow it with a lack of inaction to solve any of the problems like racism, sexism, homophobia, etc which their generation and generations before them have perpetuated. This phrase often comes off as ignorant and selfish because they are unwilling to put effort into solving these problems themselves.

Older generations often forget the fact that Gen-Z is composed of young adults and children. Our goals include education, employment, and growing up, not saving the world. The pressure put on us that we’re somehow supposed to solve every world problem before some of us can even vote is unneeded and damaging. Gen-Z does not need the weight of not doing enough to fulfill our appointed role in society, especially amidst a mental health crisis, where more children are struggling with anxiety and depression than ever before.

The older generation’s request is a large one. The problems we are supposedly going to solve include homophobia, sexism, racism, and poverty. Entrenched systems, these problems aren’t going to go anywhere by sheer generational will. The fact is, solving these problems requires long years of continuous reform, dedication and accountability, and will take even longer to fully remove their traces from our society, especially when Gen-Z continues to have divided political and economic opinions. We all have unique perspectives, shaped by unique experiences and claiming we are aligned in the goal of world-saving, is ignorant of the reality of the situation.

Gen-Z won’t save the world, or more specifically can’t, so stop asking us to. We will have an impact, but ultimately the kind of impact is up to us, and it’s unfair and irresponsible to put all the responsibility on us.