Band standings

Marching Band Competitions 

Washington Marching Band Festival (Oct. 7, 2017): The band traveled to Washington, MO for their first show of the season. They placed 5th in the Gold Division. 

Park Hills Rebel Invitational (Oct. 21, 2017): 1st place Class 5/6, outstanding music, visual, percussion. In Class 5/6 prelims, the Marching Band was third place and overall 4th out of 17 bands. They were named to the top nine with a 3rd place finish in the finals competition

Ste. Genevieve Marching Band Festival (Oct. 28, 2017): First place in Class 6. The band earned the top music, visual awards in their class. Color Guard and percussion were 1st of the day. The band was 3rd overall, out of all 16 bands of the day. 

2018 Festival Results 

Concert Band – I “Superior Rating”

Symphonic Winds – I

Symphonic Band – I

Woodwind Choir – I

Brass Choir – I

Percussion Orchestra – I

Symphonic Orchestra – I 

54 students earned one or more I ratings in 24 events to qualify for the State Music Festival. 

54 Students earned one or more II ratings in 22 events.

I rating

Hope Kleitsch – flute
Emily Schlittler – flute
Courtney St. John – flute
Kristen Woodard – oboe
Olivia Prost – clarinet
Jonah Stuckey – clarinet
Ben Shafer – alto sax
Grace Leininger – tenor sax
Harrison Wright – tenor sax
Josh Hollis – trumpet
John Torres – trumpet
Ben Zerler – trumpet
Emily Cottam – trombone
Mitchell Sellers – euphonium
Courtney St. John, Nicole Walker, Lauren
Baker – flute trio
Sugar Buechler, Zach Jansma, Olivia Prost –
clarinet trio
Ben Shafer, Jack Tucker, Grace Leininger,
John Randa – saxophone quartet

Lizzie Bailey, Emilie Humes, Jillian Russell, Ginny Trentmann – woodwind quartet

Olivia Phillips, Amanda Rawls, Grace Schlegel, Haley Tate – woodwind quartet

Addi Bussen, Courtney St. John, Jonah Stuckey, Kristen Woodard, Harrison Wright – woodwind quintet

Josh Hollis, Sean Peters, Richie Bellamy, Joel Frederickson, Edrance Emmanuel, Ethan Schweizer – brass sextet

Amanda Schulz, Aaron Christianson, Jordan Lake, Bo Ross, Hayden Royer, Nathan Wilson – brass sextet

Tyler Russell, Noelle DeRennaux, Sam Gildehaus, Britton Sanders, Malachi Brown, Alysha Leonard – brass sextet

Sydney Dennis, Matt Floyd, Brandon Loredo, Gabe Nelson, A.J. Nolan, Obeydah Suliman, Adriana Wendler, Zach West – percussion ensemble

II ratings

Loren Kovis – flute

Ethan Sandhu – bassoon

Zach Jansma – clarinet

Ethan Kovis – alto sax

Aaron Christianson – trumpet

Addi Bussen – horn

Sam Hawkins – horn

Ben Musgraves – trombone

Edrance Emmanuel – euphonium

Ethan Schweizer – tuba

Megan Harster, Loren Kovis, Bella Smith – flute trio

Claire Humes, Lauryn Hall, Anna Fulsom, Maggie Guccione – clarinet quartet

Blake Williams, Jack Kunkel, Ryan Janca – sax trio

Sierra Crosby, Monica May, Adam Wrather – sax trio

Hayden Desambourg, Abbey Seiler, Grant McDaniel, Grace Clark – sax quartet

Emily Schlittler, Hope Kleitsch, Sugar Buechler, Peyton Burke – woodwind quartet

Matt Stout, Mitchell Stout, Blake Hanes – trumpet trio

D.J. Gregory, Will Guccione, Will Schulz, Mason Walkup – trumpet quartet

Noah Fitzpatrick, Ben Taul, Makayla Young, Emily Cottam, Ethan Schweizer – brass quintet

Ben Zerler, Sean Peters, Sam Hawkins, Ben Musgraves, Noah Cross – brass quintet

Sophia Kneedler, Emmie Taul, Nathan Jennings, August Herrmann, Christella Payne – brass quintet

Robby Brooks, Grace Culbreath, Cole Huntley, Zach Meyers, Jeremy Tucker – percussion ensemble

III rating 
Nicole Walker – flute
Ally Jennings – horn
Noah Cross – tuba
Malachi Brown, Evan Jenkinson, Caleb Fitzpatrick, Robbie Dutton – brass quartet
The following students earned a “I” rating and qualified for State Music Festival, April 27, 2018 at the University of Missouri: Lizzie Bailey, Lauren Baker, Richie Bellamy, Malachi Brown, Sugar Buechler, Addi Bussen, Aaron Christianson, Emily Cottam, Sydney Dennis, Noelle DeRennaux, Edrance Emmanuel, Matt Floyd, Joel Frederickson, Sam Gildehaus, Josh Hollis (2), Emilie Humes, Zach Jansma, Hope Kleitsch, Jordan Lake, Grace Leininger (2), Alysha Leonard, Brandon Loredo, Gabe Nelson, A.J. Nolan, Sean Peters, Olivia Phillips, Olivia Prost (2), John Randa, Amanda Rawls, Bo Ross, Hayden Royer, Jillian Russell, Tyler Russell, Britton Sanders, Grace Schlegel, Emily Schlittler, Amanda Schulz, Ethan Schweizer, Mitchell Sellers, Ben Shafer (2), Courtney St. John (3), Jonah Stuckey (2), Obeydah Suliman, Haley Tate, John Torres, Ginny Trentmann, Jack Tucker, Nicole Walker, Adriana Wendler, Zach West, Nathan Wilson, Kristen Woodard (2), Harrison Wright (2) and Ben Zerler.  
The following students earned a “II” rating: Robby Brooks, Sugar Buechler, Peyton Burke, Addi Bussen, Aaron Christianson, Grace Clark, Emily Cottam, Sierra Crosby, Noah Cross, Grace Culbreath, Hayden Desambourg, Edrance Emmanuel, Noah Fitzpatrick, Anna Fulsom, D.J. Gregory, Maggie Guccione, Will Guccione, Lauryn Hall, Blake Hanes, Megan Harster (2), Sam Hawkins (2), August Herrmann, Claire Humes, Cole Huntley, Ryan Janca, Zachary Jansma, Nathan Jennings, Hope Kleitsch, Sophia Kneedler, Ethan Kovis, Loren Kovis (2), Jack Kunkel, Monica May, Grant McDaniel, Zach Meyers, Ben Musgraves (2), Christella Payne, Sean Peters, Ethan Sandhu, Emily Schlittler, Will Schulz, 
Ethan Schweizer (2), Abbey Seiler, Bella Smith, Matt Stout, Mitchell Stout, Ben Taul, Emmie Taul, Jeremy Tucker, Mason Walkup, Blake Williams, Adam Wrather, Makayla Young (2) and Ben Zerler.  

MSHSAA State Band Festival, Lindbergh High School February 27, 2018

Concert Band – Class 2 Karl King “Aces of the Air” Ed Huckeby “Ashland Park” Prepared music judges I II II Sight reading judge I Overall rating I (superior)

Symphonic Winds – Class 3 Richard Saucedo “Flight of the Thunderbird” Clare Grundman “Irish Rhapsody” Prepared music judges I I I Sight reading judge I Overall rating I (superior)

Symphonic Band – Class 5 Malcolm Arnold “Prelude, Siciliano, and Rondo” Johannes Hanssen “Valdres” Prepared music judges I I I Sight reading judge I Overall rating I (superior)

MSHSAA State Large Ensemble Festival, Parkway Central High School March 3, 2018

Woodwind Choir W.A. Mozart, arr. John Arata – Serenade for 8, K. 375, I. Allegro maestoso Prepared music judges: I I I Overall rating: I (superior)

Brass Choir Percy Grainger, arr. Jeremy Knudtson – Lincolnshire Posy, I. Lisbon, II. Horkstow Grange, III. The Lost Lady Found. Prepared music judges: I II II Overall rating: II (excellent)

Percussion Orchestra Camille Saint-Saens “Danse Bacchanale” Prepared music judges I I I Overall rating: I (superior) 

MSHSAA State Orchestra Festival, Clayton High School March 7, 2018

Symphony Orchestra – Class 5 William Holfeldt “Centennial Overture” Pascual Marquina Narro “España Cañi” Prepared music judges I I I Sight reading judge II Overall rating I (superior) 

Winter Guard:  Finished the season in first place at the MCCGA Circuit Championships. This is the fifth time that they have won the circuit championships.