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All things EHS all the time


All things EHS all the time


Opinion | staff editorial | A rough draft

Opinion | staff editorial | A rough draft

EHS-hub staff October 5, 2018

For the last two years a district-level committee has been reviewing the high school program. The High School Program Design Committee members made up of administrators, parents, teachers and students,...

Grace Eickel and Sophana Holdegraver (12) hold up signs during the EHS walkout, April 20.

Opinions | Staff editorial | Listen up, legislators

Ethan Fine, editor-in-chief May 1, 2018

  “Thoughts and prayers aren’t bulletproof." “Fix this before I text my mom from under a desk.” “The only thing we should be scared of at school are tests.”   Individuals...

With open arms, Michael Wiegand, Chief of police, discusses plans for a new justice center, Feb. 8.

Opinion | staff editorial | Pennies for police

Ethan Fine, editor-in-chief March 28, 2018

Voters in Eureka will go to the polls to vote on Prop E, Tuesday, April 3. Prop E would be a half-cent increase on sales tax that would go toward facility costs, infrastructure improvements and flood-control...

In honor of the election, Catpound dressed in the Merica theme at the varsity football game against Kirkwood, Nov. 4.  We walked into this election as the United States, and we need to leave this election still united, no matter how divided we are over the President-elect.

Staff editorial: Standing together

EHS-hub editors November 9, 2016

We are living through a historic time. The citizens of this country decided to elect the first political outsider with no government or military experience for president, Nov. 8. Donald Trump won...

Looking out at the woods, Oct. 18,  there are no creepy clowns in sight.

Staff editorial: Nothing in the woods

EHS-hub editors October 19, 2016

South Carolina saw the beginning of the creepy clown chaos when young children reported of clowns trying to lure them into the woods in late August. Social media users began to spread rumors of sightings...

A hacker tweeted a message of disrespect from the EHS-hub Twitter account today that does not reflect the views of our publication.

Letter from the editors: Taking down hate

EHS-hub editors September 22, 2016

An unknown individual hacked our Twitter account and posted racist and disrespectful content regarding a false Catpound theme under our name at approximately 5:20 p.m., Sept. 22. We have taken down...

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