Letter from the editors: Taking down hate


A hacker tweeted a message of disrespect from the EHS-hub Twitter account today that does not reflect the views of our publication.

An unknown individual hacked our Twitter account and posted racist and disrespectful content regarding a false Catpound theme under our name at approximately 5:20 p.m., Sept. 22.

We have taken down the tweet. We have received comments from those who were upset or offended by the tweet and have expressed our own anger about the tweet.

As journalists, we strive to interact with all the people in the EHS community and share their voices with the world. We honor all opinions.

However, EHS-hub does not support or tolerate slander or false perceptions of individuals or of groups of people, including African-Americans. We embrace individuals of every background and walk of life.

The fact that someone had the audacity to use our journalistic influence to broadcast a message of hate speech is something we find hard to comprehend.

While we did not tweet the message, the EHS-hub staff has begun reviewing security protocols for all EHS-hub social media so today’s breach will not be repeated in the future.

Over 2,400 people follow our social media accounts and trust us to provide credible EHS news. We take this responsibility seriously and will make security one of our priorities as we move forward.

Again, this tweet was not posted by any EHS-hub staff. We do not tolerate hate speech and we offer our sincerest apologies to those affected by this incident.