Fanning the fire for NHS

Rachel Combs, Sarah Cox and light

Rachel Combs, Sarah Cox and light

The National Honor Society recently welcomed 89 new students to its chapter in the Commons, April 24.

“I was really excited,” Alaina Weiss (10) said. “It seems like a cool group to be a part of, and I worked hard to be a part of it.”

The ceremony was a quick and engaging event. The current NHS officers conducted the ceremony with the help of the two keynote speakers: Mrs. Jennifer Strauser, associate principal, and Mrs. Sheree Klumb, Math teacher.

Mrs. Strauser began the ceremony with a speech about the importance of loving what you do. She not only addressed the students with her eye-opening question (“Do you really love what you do”) but also asked the parents in the audience to think about whether or not they truly do love what they are doing and why they love it.

The next speaker, Mrs. Klumb, addressed the necessity to giving everything a student has and striving to be the best at chosen pursuits. Addressing the new members, a group of students recognized for their academic achievements, Mrs. Klumb hoped to motivate students to continue to be leaders, emphasizing that the future is bright and they should persue their passions.

After the speeches concluded, the moment the students had been waiting for, the lighting of their candles, arrived.

NHS is a group established on four pillars: leadership, scholarship, service and character, each represented by a candle. That central candle was the one from which all new members lit their individual candles to symbolize their commitment to uphold the pillars as a member.

After all of the newly-inducted students lit their candles the ceremony came to a close.

To conclude the ceremony and celebrate the accomplishments of the inductees, attendees enjoyed cake and refreshments.

As, the celebration came to a close, existing members welcomed the new members.