DMP Design Guidebook

End Credits

This outline is a guide for our EBN producers to write on the end credit slide of their videos. Remember that the credits are supposed to roll and start off screen and end off screen. In this diagram, everything in parenthesis should not actually be written out, and the sentences that are written are there to explain what you should actually write. I hope this helps:


(AHJ Function  100pt)

Camera and Direction (BOLD)

(your name here)


Featuring (BOLD)

[list any people in order of appearance that were not id’d]

[list music when applicable]

Music under license through
Moxie membership
Parade of Lights


“Song title”
Royalty-free music licensed under
Creative Commons 4.0*


“Song title”
licensed under Digital Juice membership*

Digital Media Production


[make letters DMP 140pt. the rest 100]

Naming People

This quick little section is here to show you how to title a person at the bottom of the shot within the name box. The naming portion is easy as long as you do it as prompted. Hopefully this will help remind you what information to put in which format.

First line: 54 point/AHJ Function/BOLD: first and last name (teachers: Mrs., Ms., Mr.)

Second line: 54 point/AHJ Function/NOT bold: position, grade, or department.

*BOTH LINE OF TEXT AND TITLE BOX NEED PUSH (at beginning) & WIPE (at end)*

Using Photos

If you want to use a photo taken by the EHS-hub or Eurekana staff in your video you must add a new still title to the photo. It must say “photo by First Last” in 54pt font and not bold. The title wil be placed on each individual photo is the bottom left corner of the white box inside the frame.

Titling Videos

If a staff member is ever responsible with uploading a video to vimeo or the hub, they must follow this format so that all stories can be easily found, watched, and categorized. The use of colons can help us incorporate a clever headline with the special Eureka Broadcast News brand. This unique system of titling our stories help us


Hub Title

Name of segment: Subtitle

*Feature stories and news stories are labeled with the EBN brand*

For example:

Ask and answered: Coach Cleveland retiring

EBN: Using student IDs

How to: Joining the Chess Club


For those videos that are made for other programs:

Just The Title of The Video YEAR

For Example:

Stuco Executive Board candidates 2015

Boys of Mr. EHS 2015

Golden Guys 1972


Uploading the video to Vimeo:

EBN: Name of segment: Subtitle

*Use the same subtitle as the hub title*

*Don’t add EBN twice*

*This applies to all videos*

For Example:

EBN: Ask and answered: Coach Cleveland retiring

EBN: Using student IDs

EBN: Golden Guys 1972