DMP Live Stream Calender

September 4, 2015

Gender Name Date Start Time Type Boys Soccer Senior Night 9/18/2015 6:00 PM Full All Orchestra Concert 9/24/2015 7:00 PM Full Girls Volleyball Senior Night 10/15/2015 5:15...

DMP Staff Work Plan

September 4, 2015

You must have two weeks worth of content finished in each of these cycles.   First Semester Cycle One 9/1/2015-9/11/2015 Cycle Two 9/14/2015-9/25/2015 Cycle Three 9/28/2015-10/9/2015 Cycle...

DMP Design Guidebook

September 4, 2015

End Credits This outline is a guide for our EBN producers to write on the end credit slide of their videos. Remember that the credits are supposed to roll and start off screen and end off screen. In this...

DMP Glossary of Terms

September 4, 2015

General Glossary Terms *feel free to add words and definitions as they are needed*   Cut-on-action: three shots that condense time and space to show a single action- represented by an -ing...

DMP Story Packages

September 4, 2015

Here are some examples of different kinds of videos you can make:   Feature Story News Story Ask...

DMP Production Checklist

September 4, 2015

Answer these questions before turning in your story: *Note: not all of these apply to every video* Are all cuts on action tight? Yes Is there a clear conflict in your story? Yes Are there...

DMP Staff Directory

September 4, 2015

Editor-in-chief -Nick Weaver Clubs Editor -Lucas Kupfer Producers -Ted Cocos -Ryan Bircher Sound Engineer -Brock Jennings

DMP Job Descriptions

September 4, 2015

Digital Media Production Jobs   Editor-in-chief The Digital Media Editor-in-chief is in charge of overlooking every aspect of DMP and Eureka Broadcast News. Their job involves organizing the...

How to: Use Aurasma

August 3, 2015

How to: Live stream the Renaissance Assembly

March 11, 2015

~ Click Here to go to NFHS Network ~

How to: Google Drive

February 24, 2015

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