DMP Job Descriptions

Digital Media Production Jobs



The Digital Media Editor-in-chief is in charge of overlooking every aspect of DMP and Eureka Broadcast News. Their job involves organizing the class, uploading the videos, improving on the ever-expanding role of digital media, and communicating with the other editors of the EHS-hub and the Eurekana yearbook.

Production Editor

Normally, the Production Editor is the “right hand man” to the Editor-in-chief. He/she is one of the only other people, besides the Editor-in-chief, who has the ability and knowledge to add the intro and outro to hub videos. They oversee all of the producers on staff.

Clubs Editor

The Club’s Editor for Eureka Broadcast News is in charge of telling the stories within the many unique and diverse clubs inside of EHS. In addition to this responsibility, they are the Hub’s main contact to club sponsors and leaders. Lastly, he/she must have to vision to actively be looking to expand and improve the coverage of all these groups.

Quick Release Producer

A Quick Release Producer for the Eureka Broadcast News is responsible for creating videos that can be posted in less than a week. These types of videos include ask and answereds, promos, and other ideas that have yet to be thought of.


A producer for the Eureka Broadcast News must be able to work with a video camera in order to tell the stories of people, places, and events within EHS. They must be willing to spend time filming out of class and constantly be communicating with Mrs. Strecker and their editors.

Podcast Editor

The Podcast Editor is the one in charge of coordinating and overseeing all the podcasts associated with Eureka Broadcast News. They have the responsibility of making sure the show notes are up to date, and the recordings are uploaded properly.

Podcast Producer

A podcast producer for the Eureka Broadcast News must be able to come in early on late start days to help record and upload each new episode of Wildcast. They must be committed to help writing scripts, scheduling guests, and improving the way we create audio shows.

Sound Engineer

The EBN Sound Engineer is a very unique position on the EHS-hub staff. Their primary role is to create new music for stories and videos. In addition to this, they should be able to find interesting un-copyrighted music from different online sites.

Live Stream Editor

The Live Stream Editor for the Eureka Broadcast News is in charge of all live streams through the NFHS Network Channel. He/she is responsible for scheduling the dates of each stream in addition to showing up for all of them and running the camera. When it is accessible, they are also encouraged to periscope school events.

Equipment Manager

The Equipment Manager for Eureka Broadcast News normally has other positions on staff beside this one. They are in charge of organizing and keeping track of all our cameras, tripods, microphones, and other various tools. In addition, they are in charge of implementing our policy for GoPros and drones.