Humans of Eureka | AnnMarie Gilman


“What do I bring to the table? A global perspective. I can help teachers see things that they wouldn’t ordinarily see when they come out of their classrooms. I like to do learning walks with teachers because we get to see kids that might be in classrooms, or had been in my office and see them in a completely different environment and see them in a very different way. And, oftentimes, it’s very positive. That can help build relationships with kids. I taught science for 12 years, and now I help kids learn about their behavior and reflect on it and how what they do has either influence or impact on other people by whatever choice they made. Oftentimes, what I find the most is that the kids that have the most difficult situations or discipline tend to be some of the kids that tell me later on that it really helped them to understand, change or reflect on what they did and understand somebody else’s perspective. And to me, that’s awesome. But I think in terms of EHS, the thing I love the most about this place is the culture. There is such a tight-knit culture where people are so accepting and caring for one another. It’s a warm, fuzzy school to work in. I don’t talk about going to work every day, I get to go to school.” — AnnMarie Gilman, Assistant Principal