Opinions: Hindsight: Don’t touch

Humans are selfish creatures.


Natalie Hinds

Photo illustration: There’s no reason to kill what we have left of beautiful nature. In the end, we’ll regret picking her apart.

Natalie Hinds, Opinions editor

The other day, I was watching a documentary, “Radioactive Wolves” on PBS, about wildlife living in “the zone” (one of the areas used for nuclear bomb testing).

Basically, since no humans can live in the zone, wildlife–wolves especially–have made it their home.

In the documentary, the scientists caught a wolf in a trap, collared him and monitored him for research.

I got to thinking… why must we mess with everything?

As humans, we just have the need to touch and make everything ours. It’s like we can’t leave anything alone and have to be in everything’s business. A prime example: Mother Nature.

I think we forget that nature and her creatures were here before we were.

We got rid of so much nature when we constructed our buildings, our power plants, our neighborhoods… We need to leave what little nature we have left alone!

And as for the wildlife within the forests, we need to leave them alone as well.

In the documentary, the scientists went into a wolves den and manhandled some of the pups inside of it. Why did they feel the need to do that?

The scientists claim that it is all for important research and that they’re trying to learn how the various species are coping with the presence of radiation.

As the top predators in this wilderness, wolves best reflect the condition of the entire ecosystem, so the scientists are using them for their main source or research.

I guess I could understand that they did it for research, and I know that research is important to us, but they didn’t need to intrude on the mother wolf’s den.

I mean come on. They were just saying how cute the pups were and picking them up, while saying “aww.”

Sure, humans dominate the planet but this planet isn’t OURS. We’re just living on it.

This planet belongs to the wildlife that was here way before we were.

One day, after we’ve cut down every tree, built over every piece of land and put every animal in a zoo, hopefully we’ll realize how selfish we are.

Humans act like the world owes us something, when really, we owe the world a whole lot more.