Opinions: Hindsight: Why so serious

Learn to laugh at the little things


So a quick background story for this conversation between my mother and I: she told me to take her old house blueprints and burn them in our bonfire. (Her house never got built.) I then texted her, and this was our convo. She definitely knows how to laugh at the funny things in life.

Natalie Hinds, Opinions editor

Saturday, my boyfriend Tanner and I had a wedding to go to with a limited amount of time to get ready. As Tanner was putting on his socks, he realized that they didn’t match. And he proceeded to get UP-set.

I laughed. I laughed hard. And I laughed so hard because I was the one who thought it would be funny to mismatch all of his socks a while back when I sorted his laundry. (I sorted his laundry because I was being a nice person.)

He was LI-vid, and he threw a fit because he didn’t have matching socks for his cousin’s wedding.

Now if the situation was reversed, I would’ve laughed because I think that life is a very humorous thing.

Sometimes we need to take a step back and examine the humor in certain situations.

There is no point in getting mad over a pair of mismatched socks. Am I right? Or am I right?

If I was late to a business meeting in my adult career, and I ended up wearing two different shoes or leaving curlers in my hair, I’d have no choice but to laugh.

That’s just how I am. I think life is such a beautiful thing, so why not enjoy the mistakes and mess-ups instead of getting upset over them.

I’m a happy person. And it’s because I choose to smile, to laugh and enjoy all of the little things in life including the stupid mistakes (like driving my truck when my mother wasn’t home and getting stuck in the snow last winter).

At the time, I was terrified, and I thought my mom was going to find me before I could get home, but looking back now, that was one of the stupidest things I’ve ever done, and I can still laugh about it.

I don’t get mad about the little things like leaving my keys somewhere or losing my truck registration in a park (that happened this weekend).

Instead, I choose to look at the situation from afar, and I can almost always laugh my little heart out.

That’s what I love about life; it’s funny.