Opinions: Hindsight: Life happens

Not everything goes as planned, life can get in the way


As the cars flew by, I waited and waited… and waited until finally I could cross this death trap of an intersection, Dec. 4. The lights were up and running today, but Tuesday was a whole different story.

Natalie Hinds, Opinions editor

Editors note: Based on incidents that took place Tuesday, Dec. 2.

I just wanted to tell my lovely audience what an eventful yet extremely unlucky morning I had, so here’s the story.

This morning, I woke up at 6:15 (30 minutes earlier then usual) because I had to pick up Tanner, my boyfriend, on the way to school. His house isn’t really on the way to school; it’s out of the way. But I made sure I had more than enough time to pick  him up.

I left my house at 7:40.

On my way over, the entire intersection before his neighborhood had no power. Sitting in my truck, wondering what I was supposed to do, I waited for both directions of oncoming traffic to stop and wait for me to cross the death trap.

It was  terrifying let me tell you. Crossing an intersection with no traffic lights to guide any of us drivers is not how I expected to start my day.

After I conquered that terrorizing obstacle, a new obstacle appeared. (Of course it would, broken traffic lights wasn’t enough.)

Eureka Road, the street Tanner lives on, was completely blocked off. A power line had fallen, hence the broken traffic lights.

Of course.

It was now 7:50.

Yet again, I was sitting in my truck wondering how to get out of another pickle. Instead of running over the traffic cones blocking off Tanner’s street I went in the neighborhood on the street next to his and parked.

The firefighters and police officers were standing at the beginning of Eureka Road, so I got out of my parked truck and ran over to ask them what to do.

They told me to, “Go all the way around. The road will be closed for a while.”

Challenge accepted.

I sped through another neighborhood connected to Tanner’s, kind of, and I finally pick him up. Then I proceeded to speed back through the neighborhood doing 30 mph in a 20 mph.

Thankfully, traffic on the way to school wasn’t too bad (that never happens), but let’s just say we were walking into the school doors when the 8:10 bell rang.

What a morning.

Oh, I also forgot to mention how Tanner ran down his entire road, which probably a mile or two, only to be told by a police officer to walk back because he was not allowed to pass them.

Despite my efforts to have a smooth, well-planned morning, life had other plans for me.

I woke up early, and lack of the traffic lights halted the drive to Tanner’s house. Tanner ran to my parked truck down the street, and the police officers told him to walk back.

No matter how hard I tried to make my morning go as planned, life made sure that it didn’t.

And that’s okay. That’s life.