Student Wellness Day Conference Schedule


  • Students report to 1st hour for attendance 
  • Backpacks and all personal belongings will stay in classroom 
  • Classes will be dismissed to Gym A 


  • Students and faculty have the option of attending the Dads and Daughters Safe Driving assembly presented by the KMA Foundation 
  • The small theater will be open as a study hall during this time for students who don’t want to attend the assembly 


  • Students will return to 1st hour class to pick up their belongings 
  • Classes will be dismissed to 4th hour 


  • 4th hour classes and lunch as normal 
  • Teachers will pass out breakout session slips to students 


  • First breakout session 


  • Second breakout session 


Other important information:

  • Blocked sessions include chess, bullet journals and country line dancing. These sessions will be from 1:11-2:25
  • When entering their sessions, students must show breakout session slips. Students without a slip will have to fill out a late sign-up sheet
  •  Room locations for sessions 
  • Seniors who have senior incentive have two options: Wait to arrive at 11:40 after the assembly ends or arrive at 9:46 for 1st period, sign in and attend the full assembly