Window art

Painting the windows of room 704, the journalism room, Taylor Emery (12) tries to spread the word of and all that it has to offer for the students, Nov 8. “I did the window because I talked to Mrs. Strecker about getting some of our information out. I did a mural over the summer for my church, and it really inspired me to start getting some of my art out there in a big form,” Emery said, “So I figured I could take the information I know about the hub, and turn it into window art with our names and information out there for people to follow.”

The mural is only on the windows of the journalism room but because it is near a second drop off spot at the school, students and parents see the sign when getting to school, leaving school or scurrying to class. “I know every morning I walk into school, I pass by the window,” Emery said. “I thought that would be an easy way to get people’s attention to get more involvement, interaction and acknowledgment of what’s going on in our school.”