New staff: Mr. Scott Sherp, Math

A new way of getting to know our staff


Mr. Sherp

Teacher selfie

We take pride in our staff, and now we get to know them with their “last ten.”

Whats the last restaurant you visited? “Imo’s.”

  • When did you go to Imo’s? “Last Saturday.”
  • Do you go there often? “Well I also work there, so yes.”
  • How long have you been working there? “For almost two years now.”
  • And how long were you working at Eureka? “This is my seventh year. It’s my first year as a teacher. For six years I was just a shadow.”
  • Were you working or did you go there to eat on Saturday? “I just went to get food.”
  • What did you get? “I got a deluxe and a hamburger and Canadian Bacon.”
  • Is that what you always get? “No. Not always. My wife sent me up there to get pizza so that’s what she wanted.”

What was the last TV show or movie you watched? “I watched the Monday night football game. It was the Arizona Cardinals vs. the San Diego Chargers.”

  • Are you a fan of either of those teams? “No, but I have a lot of those players in my fantasy football team so I was watching for them. I mean I’m a sports fan in general so I watch a lot of sports, but I had specific rooting interests because I have Carson Palmer as my Fantasy Football quarterback.”
  • Are you big into Fantasy Football? “Bigger than I’d like to admit, but yeah.”
  • Have you ever won?  I’ve won a couple of leagues several times. Typically it’s just bragging rights, but occasionally we’ll get gift card to Buffalo Wild Wings or something like that.”

What was the last thing that you ate? “A salami, turkey cold cut sandwich.”

  • Did you get that from the cafeteria? “I did.”
  • Do you often order from the cafeteria? “I do.”
  • Is that what you always get when you go? “I typically get one of their sandwiches, yes.”
  • What is your favorite sandwich to get? “Probably one of their cold cuts.”

What was the last thing you did at your former job? “My former job was working here but one of my summer jobs was working at a firework tent in Arnold. It was one of those parking lot tents.”

  • How were the hours? “The hours were terrible. It was 18 or 19 hours a day.”
  • How long did you do that for? “Just firework season, so roughly three and a half weeks.”
  • Did you like working there? “No not at all”
  • Why not? “Because a lot of the times I was there by myself. So for two weeks I was sitting there by myself waiting for the occasional customer because it’s not really busy up until the first or second of July, so I’m just basically guarding the cash register for no reason for 17-18 hours. Plus, you can’t really go to the bathroom either so you just have to sit there.”
  • Why did you do it if it was that bad? “To supplement my income. For the summer I made $3,500-$4,000 for doing it.”

Who was your last phone call with? “My brother.”

  • What did you guys talk about? “We talked about Xbox One.”
  • You’re a gamer? “I do play video games.”
  • What’s your favorite video game? “Well I just got a couple new ones, so I’m big into those, but typically I like the Call of Duty franchise a lot. I also really like NHL.”
  • So are you a hockey fan? “I am.”
  • Who’s your favorite team? “I’ll watch any, but I really like the Blues. My parents are season ticket holders, so I go to quite a few games.”

Who was the last person you hugged? “My wife.”

  • How long have you been married? “Since last March.”
  • Congratulations! “Oh, well thank you!”
  • What is your wife’s name? “Laura. Her last name is Medrala.”
  • Her last name is Sherp now, yes? “It’s not officially Sherp yet, but yes.”
  • Your wife is another teacher here. How did you meet? “I was actually a shadow for a student that had her for a teacher.”

What was the last store that you went to? “Schnucks.”

  • What did you get there? “A rotisserie chicken!”
  • Just that? “I made sides at home. I made mac‘n’cheese and green beans.”
  • Are you a good cook? “I’d like to think so. I make several dishes. I like cooking breakfast, dinner, and I’m typically the one who does the Thanksgiving turkeys.”

What was the last soda that you drank? “A Coke!”

  • Is that your favorite? “No. But it’s whatever the school has. I’m a Pepsi Product fan. Pepsi or Mountain Dew are my favorite sodas.”

What was the last out of state place that you visited? “New Buffalo Beach, Michigan.”

  • Why did you go there? “It’s close to where my in-laws live. They live in northern Indiana, but the last place that I actually went and visited was New Buffalo Beach.”
  • What did you do in New Buffalo Beach? “We went to several restaurants and went swimming in Lake Michigan.”
  • Was the lake cold? “It was really cold! The day before we put our hands in the water, and it was pretty good temperature wise, but then a storm came through that night and it literally dropped the water temperature 15 degrees. It was quite brisk getting in and out of the water.”

Who was the last person you communicated with over social media? “I am not big into social media. I haven’t checked in in probably the last three years. The only reason I even have it is so people can give me things in games for my phone. I play this game called Marvel Avengers and other teachers in this building play it, as well. If we do a challenge and get rewarded something, sometimes you can share with your friends on Facebook. That’s the only reason I really keep up with social media.”

  • What is the game Marvel Avengers? “I guess it’s kind of a guy version of Bejeweled, but in addition to matching tiles, depending on what character you’re using, if you match a certain number of tiles, then their marble avenger special ability will come up. Then you do damage to your opponent.”