Natalie Timm, our nugget


printed with permission from Mrs. Kara Mueller

Golden Line smiles for the camera during the varsity football game against Hazelwood Central, Sept. 5.

Natalie Timm, the nugget who just recently grew into more of a “chicken strip” as she herself said, passed away Monday as a result of a single-car accident, Sept. 29.

Natalie was a person who could always be counted on for a smile, a genuine conversation or to simply approach with anything. Whether it was how someone’s day went or what they wanted to do with their future, she always genuinely listened and cared about the answer. Never intimidating, never too busy to talk, she always knew the right thing to say and always said it with her little giggle and innocent smile. Even when she spaced out and said something hilariously unrelated or nug’s classic, “Wait..whatt…?”, she was still absolutely adorable.

It is impossible to not love her. Easy-going and beautifully spirited, she made everyone feel lucky to be around her.

Her selfless ways inspired not only her Golden Line family, but also the whole community. She was never one of those people fishing for attention or looking to be complimented; she just glowed without even trying. Even Coach Kara Mueller would point out how she changed from an awkward teen to model-gorgeous in such a short time, but she would just kind of shrug it off, hold her hand to her heart, giggle and say “Oh, thank you.”

Natalie was a person who always cared about others more than herself. She willingly made the posters and made them well with cute fonts and decorations when no one else wanted to because there “wasn’t enough time” or “you make them better.” She even made the team teddy bear Gary some pom poms without being asked. She made things more awesome without expecting or asking for praise.

She not only worked hard in Golden Line but also in Student Council, as chair of the canned food drive, and NHS.

She was a humble leader, but her dance moves were anything but; they were electric, especially in hip hop. That was “her jam.”

Natalie was a sort of glue for Golden Line, the one who planned the team sleepovers and who got everyone pumped to go.

Before every Golden Line performance, the team holds hands in a circle and says, one by one, “I’ll do it for you if you do it for me.”

So, Nug, you always did it for us. Always. Now we’re doing it for you.

Condolences are extended to Natalie’s family, and all those who felt the warmth of her radiating heart.

Rest in peace. We miss you. We love you.